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Jonathan Gregory is also the author of the 'Gemini & Flowers' crime series. The first book, Country Life, introduces the cast of characters living in the village of Rilton Castle in Dorset, England and the police who try and find a modern day highwayman who threatens them all. 
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Blivande anställda testprogram

Testing Program: Vårt nya språktest för blivande anställda garanterar att du känner till deras engelskunskaper redan från första dagen på ditt företag.

Är du personalrekryterare?

Testa språkkunskaperna hos dina bästa sökande som en del av den rekryteringstjänst du erbjuder kunderna. Försäkra dig om att de talar och skriver det aktuella språket bra innan de anställs!

Diversity Seminar - half day in English Understanding the importance of diversity in Swedish companies - recruitment and employment issues - special seminar!

New On-line Skype courses for all business people who cannot study in Stockholm!

General company news


Training courses have focused on HR talent management issues and English for managers - with a lot of top managers wanting help talking to overseas investors! Sweden is popular with many investors and it is becoming very common of Ceos and Finance Directors to have to give really good presentations of their business and future plans to banks and other clients and potential shareholders.

If you need help as a CEO, please contact us. You don't need to buy a whole program but we can help with a couple of hours preparation just to reassure you that your speech works!

New programs include English for Sales and English for Payroll Specialists with the Stockholm School of Business.

Jonathan Gregory also works with Rud Pedersen as their permanent English language specialist. The role is part time, so he can carry on teaching and helping other Advancedbiz clients, but, by adding a Public Affairs and PR company to his rosta of customers, Jonathan's experience widens further!

2018 begins with new courses in Management English, Media Presentations and new consultant programs with a variety of companies.